15+ Neck and Back Stretches for Pain Relief

Why do I need to stretching neck and back?

Do stretching get rid of neck and back tension?

How can I strengthen my neck muscles at home?

Is it better to rest or exercise neck pain?

Does stretching exercises improve body posture?

1. Neck Sideview

30 secs

Stretching for Neck Pain - Neck Sideview

2. Interlock Fingers

30 secs

Easy Back Stretching At Home - Interlock Fingers

3. Look Up and Down

30 secs

Upper Body Stretch for Women - Look Up and Down

4. Table Top + Cat

30 secs

Quick Upperbody Stretching At home - Table Top + Cat
No Equipment Upper Body Stretching

5. Table Top + Child Pose

30 secs

Back Stretch Before and After Workout - Table Top + Child Pose

6. Cobra

30 secs

At-home Upper Body Stretch - Cobra

7. Back Stretch

30 secs

Easy Back Stretching for Beginner - Back Stretch

8. Child Pose

30 secs

Best Stretching for Back Pain - Child Pose
Quick Upper Body Stretch for Women
Pre-workout stretching for upper body

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