Trending 10-Minute Resistance Band Booty Workouts

Are you interested in stepping up your leg day? You’ll love the results of using a resistance band to tone up your glutes. Get your water bottle and your bands ready!

Let’s take a moment, to be honest with ourselves, fellow gym rats. Leg day isn’t fun, but it works. Gym gains are the best reward of working out regularly, and if you’re looking for more gains, you’ll want to try resistance bands. Resistance bands have been trending lately in the fitness industry. 

If your leg day is becoming stagnant – it’s time to try something new. Chances are you’ve heard of resistance bands and are here because you want resistance band booty workouts. 
Well, we’ve got them! Best yet, you only need to take 10 minutes of your day to get those gains you’re dreaming of.

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

So, why should you try resistance band workouts? If you’re super interested, but not completely sold on resistance bands, let us convince you. There are so many reasons why you should try these elastic bands, such as: 

  • You can use them anywhere, anytime! Traveling? Too busy? Have gym anxiety? Resistance bands can be used whether it’s 1am or 1pm. 
  • They’re affordable and budget-friendly. There are resistance bands for every type of budget from $7 to $50. It doesn’t get better than that!
  • Improves core stability. Resistance bands help improve the strength and stability of your core. Core stability is important for preventing injuries. 
  • Improves overall physical strength. By using resistance bands on a regular basis, you’ll improve your strength.
  • Improves balance. Do you consider yourself clumsy? Well, resistance bands can help you maintain your balance. 
  • Helps with physical therapy. Resistance bands are often used in physical therapy to help with muscle stabilization. 
  • Firms and rounds your butt! Lots of women want a big butt, and resistance bands are the perfect workout accessory to help you achieve them. 
  • Low chance of injury. Working out with resistance bands put you at an extremely low risk of injuring yourself vs using heavy weights. Win-win!
  • Helps your endurance for daily life. You need a certain amount of strength to do daily life activities (climbing stairs, walking, running after kids). Resistance bands help you do these daily parts of life without completely running out of breath. 

No matter why you’re choosing to use resistance bands. They can help you acheieve your workout goals! Our resistance band booty workouts are a quick, simple way to get your workout in and get the results you want. 

1. Glute Bridges45 secs

Glute Bridges

This exercise involves grabbing your resistance band and placing it around your thighs. If you’re interested in stabilizing your core and enhancing those glute muscles, glute bridges with resistance bands are for you. Glute bridges are a popular excercise to do with resistance bands. 

You’ll need to lie down on the ground to do glute bridges. Make sure your back is completely flat and your knees are upright. Next, grab your resistance band and place it around your thighs. The band should rest a little above your knees. Keeping your hands at your side, you’ll lift your pelvis up and down slowly. 

2. Bent Leg Half Superman45 secs

Bent Leg Half Superman

For the bent leg half superman (and other workouts), you must have a workout mat to stay off the floor. This workout strengthens your erector spinae muscles. Erector spinae muscles improve your posture and provide support to your spine. 

To do the bent leg half superman, you’ll need to make sure your resistance bands are around your thighs and a couple inches above your knees. Lie down on the ground with your arms crossed in front of you. Point your feet in the air so that they’re pointing up. Next, you’re going to lift your legs repeatedly. You’ll know you’re doing it right when you feel a burn with each lift. Repeat 10x.

3. Donkey Kicks45 secs

Donkey Kicks

If you want to focus entirely on stabilizing your core, donkey kicks are the workout you need. Donkey kicks force you to find your balance, thereby engaging and enhancing your core muscles. Are you wanting a rounder butt? Adding donkey kicks to your leg day regimen can help you achieve your goals!

To do a donkey kick, you’ll go onto your handy dandy workout mat on your hands and knees, making sure your resistance band is around your lower thighs. Lift your left or right leg slowly as far as you can, hold for 2-3 seconds, then relax. Do each leg separately. Repeat 10x per leg. 

10 mins resistance band booty

4. Reverse Plank Hip Lift45 secs

Reverse Plank Hip Lift

Looking for a full-body workout? Add the reverse plank hip lift to your daily workout! The reverse plank hip lip workouts out your entire body. Add this to your daily workout for those looking to tone their body from top to bottom. 

For the reverse plank hip lift, you’ll sit on the workout mat with knees pointed. Lift yourself off the mat making sure your pelvis stays in line with your shoulders. Hold for a few seconds and then lower yourself. Repeat 10x.

5. Kickback45 secs


Kickbacks with a resistance band specifically target your glutes. If you have been daydreaming about having a Kardashian booty without having to spend thousands on a Brazilian butt lift, kickbacks will become your best friend. 

For kickbacks, you don’t need a workout mat, but you’ll want to have comfy workout shoes. To do a proper kick, stand with your feet apart. Kick back your right or left back slowly, making sure to hold for 2 seconds before relaxing. Do each leg at least 5x. 

6. Pulse Squat45 secs

Pulse Squat

Try a lower-body workout like pulse squats to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Pulse squats benefit your overall physical health by improving stability, endurance, and coordination. Do you have hip issues? Pulse squats can also help with improving your hip mobility. 

Ready for a pulse squat?! To do a pulse squat, you’ll stand with your feet apart like you would in a regular squat. Make sure your resistance band placed properly around your thighs. Once the band is in place, you’ll squat as far as you can go. Hold it for at least three seconds before releasing. Repeat 10x.

FAQ: Resistance Bands

Have a question about resistance bands? We have an answer (that’s actually easy to understand)!

What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are elastic bands used for those who want to strength train. Other than working out, they’re also used in physical therapy. Resistance bands are simple to use. These bands remain a popular choice for those who work out at the gym and at home. Resistance bands come in various lengths and tensions to fit your preferences. 

How effective are resistance band workouts?

Resistance bands are an extremely effective workout. While you may be apprehensive about incorporating a resistance band into your leg day, resistance bands build muscle just as effectively as weights! Just make sure you are choosing the correct length and tension. 

Is it okay to use resistance bands every day?

If you’re a beginner to working out, letting your body rest when first using resistance bands is better. If you’ve already been exercising, then feel free to add resistance bands to your everyday workout. Remember that resistance bands make you work harder, making you more likely to have sore muscles. Hate suffering from sore muscles? Try Tiger Balm, a must-have for anyone who workouts regularly. 

Can 10-minute workouts be effective?

Yes, 10-minute workouts are effective! Research shows that 10 minutes of mild to moderate exercise improves physical health. Contrary to popular opinion, gym membership or workout equipment is unnecessary for effective workouts and results. While some prefer to spend hours at the gym, only some have that time.

How long does it take to see results from the resistance band?

Everyone is different, but you should be able to see results from resistance bands in as little as 2-3 weeks. The key to seeing results is not giving up because you don’t see results the next day. Follow a healthy diet and maintain a regular workout routine, including the resistance bands. Our 10-minute resistance band booty workouts are perfect to add to your daily regimen!

10 mins resistance band booty

Pro-Tip: Don’t Forget to Stretch Afterwards

Whether you’re a newbie, gym rat extraordinaire, or a world-renowned personal trainer, stretching before and after any workout is vital. Unfortunately, many people end up skipping stretching entirely – or only stretch before working out. 

Adding a new workout, like resistance bands booty workout, requires stretching since you are more likely to get sore after trying a new workout. Stretching helps prevent soreness. 

Also, remember to stay hydrated! Even though you may be incredibly focused and in the zone, your body needs water to replenish the sweat you lose when you work out, and your muscles will thank you later. Grab your resistance bands and some water, and get to it! Those gains will appear before you know it.

10 mins resistance band booty

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