20 Killer HIIT Full Body Home Workout Plan

What is the purpose of high intensity interval training?

What is the difference between HIIT and Cardio?

How often should you workout with HIIT?

What is/are the disadvantage of HIIT workout?

How effective are HIIT workouts for weight loss?

1. Jumping Jacks

3 sets, 30 seconds

Best Calorie Killer Exercise - Jumping Jacks

2. Side to Side Jumpy

30 seconds

HIIT Exercise without Equipment - Side to Side Jumpy

3. High Knees

2 sets, 30 seconds

Home Workout to Lose Weight - High Knees

4. Squat Up and Down

30 seconds

No Equipment HIIT Workout - Squat Up and Down
Medium Level HIIT Home Workout for Women

5. Knee Kick

30 seconds each side

HIIT Exercise with No Equipment Require - Knee Kick

6. Plank

2 sets, 30 seconds

Abdominal Exercise at Home - Plank

7. Mountain Climber

30 seconds

Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home - Mountain Climber

8. High Plank

2 sets, 30 seconds

At Home Calorie Killer Exercise - High Plank
Best Calorie Killer Without Equipment
 At-home Calorie Killer Workout

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