10 Minutes Abdominal Workout Without Neck & Back Strain

How important is working abs?

How many ab exercises should I do a day?

How long does it take to strengthen your core?

Why is it hard to loose belly fats/lower ab fats?

Do I need to take protein to gain muscles?

1. Bicycle Straight Legs

30 secs

Get toned abs with this workout - Bicycle Straight Legs

2. Russian Twist

30 secs

Snatched waist exercise - Russian Twist

3. Toe Reach Crunch

30 secs

Abs workout at home - Toe Reach Crunch
Equipment-free Abs Workout for Women

4. Lower Ab Lift

30 secs

Lower abs workout for women - Lower Ab Lift

5. Sitting Crunch

30 secs

At-home killer ab workout - Sitting Crunch

6. Straight Leg Crunch

30 secs

Core/Ab workout at home - Straight Leg Crunch
Core/Ab workout - Beginner friendly
Ab/core workout for women

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