Pamela Reif’s 10-Minutes Upper Body No-Equipment Workout

How often should you train your upper body?

How many exercises should I do on upper body day?

What makes a good upper body workout?

How can I strengthen my upper body at home?

How many exercises per muscle group in upper body workout?

How can I improve my body strength?

1. Plank with Arm Reach

30 secs

No Equipment Upperbody Exercise - Plank with Arm Reach

2. Dolphin Hold

2 sets, 30 secs

Upperbody Exercise at Home - Dolphin Hold

3. Lay Down Push Up

30 secs

Upper body Exercise without Equipment - Lay Down Push Up

4. Shoulder Circles

30 secs

Strengthen Upperbody Exercise at Home - Shoulder Circles
Back, Arms, and Chest Workout without Equipment

5. Flappy Bird

30 secs

Upperbody Workout Routine at Home - Flappy Birds

6. Superman

30 secs

Equipment Free Upper Body Home Workout - Superman

7. Back Squeeze

30 secs

Back Exercise At Home - Back Squeeze

8. Superman Reachout

30 secs

Best Upperbody Workout for Women - Superman Reachout
Equipment Free Upper Body Home Workout
Easy upper body workout for women

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